Monday, February 26, 2007

Free Encyclopedia -

Did you know that on this very day in 1991, the world's first web browser (WorldWideWeb) was introduced? You can find information like this or anything else you want to find out on And, it's free.

If you're not familiar with Wikipedia, here is how the site describes itself: "Wikipedia (IPA: /ˌwiːkiːˈpiːdi.ə/) is a multilingual, Web-based, free content encyclopedia project. Wikipedia is written collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world. With rare exceptions, its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the Internet, simply by clicking the edit this page link. The name Wikipedia is a portmanteau of the words wiki (a type of collaborative website) and encyclopedia. Since its creation in 2001, Wikipedia has rapidly grown into the largest reference Web site on the Internet."

I use it all the time, and I've contributed to various articles as well. It's just another reason why the internet is one of, if not the, greatest inventions of all time.

So, enjoy the world's largest free encyclopedia at!

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