Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Free Online Dating Site - OK Cupid

Are you single? Have you ever tried online dating? If you haven't, you need to give it a try. This is one area in which I can confidently say I am an expert. I have been marketing online dating sites for over five years now. In addition to this site, I am the webmaster for,, and a few other online dating site review sites.

Because of my experience, I was a little hesitant to promote because most "free dating sites" are actually overun with advertising and never have many members. However, OK Cupid is different. As of today, the site is totally free to join, and there are no hidden charges. In reading the FAQ's, they mention that they might charge in the future, but for now, a full membership is completely free with no strings attached. For this reason, I think it's a great site to join and see what happens. You just might find your true soulmate for free. Click here to set up your free membership.

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